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SAMYA of Colours - Drakon edizioni

Samya of Colours

€ 16,00

Autrice: Samya Ilaria Di Donato

The balloon flying in the blue sky. Samya from there, with the suitcase, the prism and the map travels to help children with her colours … Yes, because the colours know how to make magic! From its prism it shines one more than the other: the that is eray of light coloured emitted is what reveals to them what does not go. But there is a colour that, for every situation, can bring harmony and happiness. Samya is a bit fairy and a bit enchantress… but she loves to look for the colour and formula that, like a poem, faded sadness and melancholy. Everything is colour. They also have a colour of our emotions: joy, cheerfulness, boredom, sadness … and with the right colour everything improves: back appetite or serenity and love.

ISBN: 978-88-904847-7-3


Samya of Colours è la versione in lingua inglese dell’ albo illustrato Samya dei Colori.

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